New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is 340 miles away from Birmingham. It takes 6 hrs by drive to get there. It was a sever storm on the way to go to there and still rainy after arriving at New Orleans. We could not go anywhere because of the storm. We went to a casino at early evening.

The weather was fine. We woke up at early morning, and took a breakfast at McDonald. It was no rain, but wind was strong and cold. Walked to Aquarium of the Americas. Because we had much time to open, we walked around the moon walk which is faced to the Mississippi river. It was so cold. The River Walk was just like Riverchase Galleria. French Quarter was nice place in which there were bunch small shops, bars, restaurants .....whatever. We ate beniets at Cafe de Monde. Taste was good. It was just wonderful. We took a dinner at an oyster bar named Acme at which raw oysters were available.

The places we went to:
Aquarium of the Americas
River Walk, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, French Quarter

A free shuttle came to our hotel to pick us up at 8:30 AM. The tour was cruising for 2 hours in a swamp. We could see some alligators, turtles and birds. After the tour, we went to River Walk to have a lunch. Then, walked around French Quarter for a while. We took a dinner at a sea food restaurant. A local beer was so nice. Bourbon street was so crowded, especially at night.
Swamp tour
French Quarter

The last day at New Orleans. Checked out the hotel at 9:00 and went to the uptown. There are a lot of excellent houses of millionaires who got success on plantation at 19th century. We were out the town at 10:00AM. Finally, we were in the apartment hours at 4:30 PM. Exhausted.
Uptown, The way to go home

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