Gordon conference at Colby-Sawyer  College, NH

I attended to the Gordon conference at New Hampshire.  The conferences related to extracellular matrix are Collagen and Basement membrane which are held every two years, respectively.  This was the first experience for me, so everything made me surprise. First, the accommodation.  The dormitory at which we stayed was built at 1955.  This is  old and uncomfortable for us.  Most of people has to share a shower room and rest room.  Fortunately, our room had a bathroom.  Beds are so firm and a carpet is dirty.  Anyway, we never want to stay here.

                                                                     Dormitory at which we stayed during the conference



The conference was good.  Many famous researchers from all over the world attended to this conference.  Many Japanese researchers were here (Dr Hayashi: University of Tokyo, Dr. Ninomiya: University of Okayama, Dr. Hata: Tokyo Medical and Dental University ..........etc.)  My boss, Dr. Mayne made a presentation about our project which was done by me.  He talked about a mouse knocked out type XI collagen alpha 2 chain gene.  The dormitory was not good, but I want to attend to this conference again.

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