Vacation time with Ms. Hibi, Iwama and Ogawa in Birmingham

Ms. Hibi, Iwama and Ogawa arrived at Birmingham at late night on Aug. 31, 1999.  We had the first dinner with them on next evening with friend of us here who is a under graduate student on UAB.  We took some picture during the dinner as a memory.
This was the first try to take a picture by "Self-pro".   The picture was nice, but not enough to make "Self-pro" satisfy.
This was the second try.    Unfortunately, "Self-pro" missed to do it.  She could not get in the picture because of some reason.  That's why everybody open the mouth widely.  But I like this picture. 
This was a final picture.  This is really good.  We are proud of "Self-pro" taken this good one.  Thanks.

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